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Trending: Polished Concrete Floors

Trending: Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have been ignored for decades. Most people think of concrete floors as simply being factory flooring that is painted or covered in oil stains.

The truth is that concrete floors have evolved to become something much more beautiful and useful. Today, the possibilities of these floors in both residential and commercial settings are nearly endless, from color to texture to application.

Concrete vs. Cement

Cement is part of concrete. Cement is made from limestone, calcium phosphate, and other ingredients. It’s then mixed with stone and other components to create concrete. Cement alone is strong, but concrete can last for thousands of years. In fact, the Romans invented cement and concrete as we know it today. That’s why many of their structures not only still exist today, but are still in use.

Polished Concrete Floors

The key to concrete is to make it waterproof, then to apply a polish to give it style. After the concrete has dried, a layer of sealant is applied that will not only make it waterproof, but will fill in the tiny holes in the material.

It’s at this point that the floor goes from simply being a utilitarian floor to a work of art.

What Are The Color Options for Concrete Floors?

One of the most interesting changes that has occurred is that color is being added to concrete. You can have your concrete floor made with nearly any color in the mix itself. Rather than being painted on, this allows the material to have a richer, deeper color.

Choosing a color can be difficult, because one never knows what changes you’ll want in a few years. However, there’s no worry there, since you can still either paint the concrete floor or put laminate flooring right over the top.

Can You Create Custom Designs in Concrete Flooring?

A true concrete artist can create nearly any pattern you want right into the concrete. If you want a wooden floor look, they can form the surface to look like wood. Then, once the floor dries, it can be painted into a real wood look. The same goes for a tile pattern.

Is Concrete Flooring a Difficult Project?

For a professional, no, it’s not difficult, but creating a truly gorgeous concrete floor requires a professional touch. There is the matter of careful timing. The concrete must be manipulated at just the right times. Adding color, texturizing the floor, selling it, and painting it all must be done in a specific order and with specific timing. Start too soon or too late and the surface can peel or simply not take.

What is the Cost of Concrete Floors?

One of the reasons concrete floors are so popular is that they are relatively inexpensive. At as little as $4 per square foot, this type of floor is much less expensive than other types of flooring. The fact that it will last for decades or centuries also makes concrete an excellent flooring choice.

Maintenance is low too. Generally, all one needs to do is reseal the floors every 10 years or so.

Can I Use my Existing Concrete Floors?

Possibly. There are often concrete floors underneath the wooden floor and carpeting in the basement and even other parts of the house. A professional can take a look and tell you if they can treat it and seal it to create an exposed floor that you will be proud of.

Are You Considering Concrete Floors?

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