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Remodeling on a Budget? Consider Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Remodeling on a Budget? Consider Floor Sanding & Refinishing

When looking to upgrade or update a home, hardwood floors are often one of the places where homeowners drag their feet – literally and figuratively. Why? Most likely because of the inconvenience or mythical expense associated with it.

Refinish or replace?

The reality is that time and wear will show on your wood floors. If you go to replace your floors, you will find out that you could be spending over $10/sq. foot on your flooring materials. Some of the engineered materials have incredible style that just cannot be accomplished with staining a real wood species, and they are expensive. (If you were to refinish your existing floors, you would be limited to the wood pattern that already exists in your home). Next, you’ll need a laundry list of other materials that go beneath the flooring if your subfloor has issues. Lastly, the labor and expense associated with cutting each piece perfectly to fit each room, like a puzzle, will add up quickly.

The good news is that most hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished instead of completely replaced. If your hardwood floor hasn’t been taken care of for years, it can be difficult to rehabilitate your floor, but most likely it is still possible. This is easy to find out, and could be a great decision if you’re budget-conscious.

So, why refinish your hardwood floors instead of replacing them?

  • Reduced Expense - It can be significantly less expensive to refinish a floor than to replace it. You don’t need to consider the subfloor, buy new material, or cut any wood. The main costs are just the finishing products, such as stain and polyurethane, along with labor costs.
  • Matching Historical Wood Floors - Some wood floors that were installed decades ago have a style and feeling that you can’t get anymore. If you need to match other areas, you can attempt with stain combinations.
  • Style – Your updated furniture and decorations will pair well with a newly finished floor.
  • Mess – With dustless sanding, a professional floor refinishing job can be cleaner than replacement.
  • Inconvenience - Most times, refinishing a floor takes less time than replacing it.

Floor refinishing is not a DIY job!

Professional floor refinishing can be done with minimal dust and inconvenience. Many of the machines used are heavy and extremely powerful. A professional can help keep you from hurting yourself with a floor buffer that has nearly as much power as a lawnmower – inside your living room! Renting or purchasing the right equipment can get quite expensive. A pro will have all the equipment at hand to get the job done correctly.

A professional can also make repairs where they're needed. Divots, cracks, or other damaged items can be repaired by a professional for less expense and less hassle than trying to do it yourself.