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Installing a New Roof? Here's How to Prepare For The Installation

Installing a New Roof? Here's How to Prepare For The Installation

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Installing a new roof could be quite a time-consuming process. There is not a single end-all approach to roof installation, as everything might depend on a wide variety of factors. For instance, your location, your property, the materials used and the type of roof are some of the main factors that will influence the installation procedure. Keep reading to learn more about five tips you should consider when a new roof is being installed in your home!

Don’t be home

The installation of a roof will cause dirt, dust, and debris to enter your home, and as you might guess, it might not be that safe for people to be around during the process! Stay away until completion and keep yourself and your family away from harm.

Board your pets

It’s not a good idea to stay home, as mentioned earlier, and the same goes for your pets. Make sure you find a way for you to keep your pets safe somewhere else where they can cozy up and feel at home until the roofing job is done!

Cover your belongings from falling debris.

The installation of a roof will inevitably cause dust, dirt, and debris from entering the home. For this reason, it is essential to cover up any existing furniture or household items already in place. Bubble wrap could be an excellent way to shelter furniture and other objects from dust and minor falling debris.

Watch the paperwork

The process of installing or repairing a roof requires money and liability, which in turn, require a lot of paperwork. Make sure everything is in order and don’t forget to check the legitimacy of the paperwork at hand diligently. Never go ahead without a valid building permit for your roofing project, a clear written contract with the specs of the project, as well as a letter from the insurance provider working with the contractors for confirmation.

The Nail Cleanup!

Stripping off an old roof often involves many thousands of nails falling and getting mixed up throughout your property. Contractors often use large magnet tools to go over your yard and remove nails and other potentially harmful metal debris. Make sure you always ask your contractor to do a magnet clean-up.