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3 Home Projects You Need to Complete in 2019

3 Home Projects You Need to Complete in 2019

When the new year begins, it serves as a reminder of all the projects you didn't start last year.

Now is the perfect time to get started with a few impactful updates that can make all the difference in how your home feels and functions the rest of the year!

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

No one really thinks about their roof until it stops performing and the rain arrives in the living room. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by having your roof looked at and repaired now, instead of making an emergency call in the middle of winter.

Ice dams are one of the main reasons that roofs fail in the winter. Snow melts and then refreezes, creating a wall lower on the roof. Later, as the snow above that wall melts, the dam stays in place until there is a pool of water. This heavy roof pond can cause a weakened roof to fail.

By having your roof inspected, the LA Design & Construction team can spot the places that are likely to create ice dams and eliminate them.

Knowing that your roof is in good shape is one of the most comforting things you can hear regarding the health of your home. Even if you’re told that there need to be repairs, often they can be done as repairs, not as a full roof replacement. Both of these outcomes are better than the danger of your roof caving in.

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Refinish Your Wood Floors

A wood floor is one of the most dramatic and beautiful features of any home, but when they are worn out or the color is fading, they can be less appealing.

Having your floors refinished is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten a room and give it new style. Because it doesn’t involve ripping up the floor, refinishing can often be done in a day or two and with much less inconvenience.

Floor refinishing is also far less expensive than even putting down a quality carpet or cheap wood floors. Let your floors shine by treating them to a brand new finish.

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Repaint Your Main Living Rooms

Where do most families spend the majority of their time at home? The living room and the dining room. Sitting around the TV in the living room or around the kitchen table are iconic views of most families.

Repainting these spaces can give them a new feel and brightness than can easily offset the gloomy winter days. Adding bright colored accent walls can make the rooms a refreshing sight on days when the snow is falling and the sun is hiding.

Repainting a room is an inexpensive way to brighten the space and impact the overall feeling throughout the whole house.


Bonus: Get 2 Big Project Estimates

The best part of estimates is that they give you an idea of how inexpensive some home updates can be. Getting a couple of estimates on remodeling your kitchen, updating your bathroom, or finishing the basement will let you know if you can afford to do these updates in the near future.

Homeowners often tell us “I always thought this project would be much more expensive, I would have done it sooner had I known!”

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Let's Get Started!

Doing a couple of things right around your home now will leave you with a new home and a new attitude. Give our team a call at (973) 459-4494 or click here to request a no-obligation estimate today.