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10 Things You'll Need to Consider For Your Basement Remodel

10 Things You'll Need to Consider For Your Basement Remodel

Remodeling your basement and turning it into a more useful space is a big undertaking, but the rewards are just as big. To help make your remodeling project as rewarding as possible, here is a short list of thoughts and ideas you should consider when planning your basement remodel.

Keep it standing

Be careful not to take out pillars and load-bearing walls that are holding up your house. Leave all the vertical elements in place and design around them. If you need to make any major changes to the main structure, consult with an expert. You don’t want the floor dropping out from under you or caving in on you from above.

Keep it light

Plan to add windows. The tiny windows typically found in basements aren’t enough to make the room usable for purposes other than storage. In addition to window improvements, look for other ways to open up the space and allow in more light. This might require exposing part of the foundation. (Again, in this case it’s worth talking to an expert.)

New floors

One often neglected aspect of a finished basement is the flooring. Install warm, comfortable flooring to give your remodeled space a more inviting atmosphere. Carpets, especially those with a deep pile, are perfect for remodeled basements. If you waterproof the carpet correctly, moisture shouldn’t present an issue. However, if you are still concerned about risking water damage, talk to a flooring expert about flooring materials that are comfortable and still resistant to water damage.

Keep out the water

Speaking of water, make sure your sump pump is up-to-date and working well. Dehumidifiers might also be needed to keep the basement from getting damp. Furthermore, before installing walls, it can be important to seal the concrete well. Take the time to keep water out of your remodeled basement, and the money that has gone into it won’t get washed away.

Family room/playroom

Many homes don’t have a place where everyone can play together. While there are hundreds of uses for a finished basement, a family room is one of the best. It’s easy to make the room comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy. A flat screen TV for Mom’s football game, for Dad’s cooking shows, and for the kids to play video games on is almost a requirement. Installing a ping-pong table or putting in kid’s play equipment is also a great use of the space.

Adding a door

In many regions, if you convert a basement into a living space, you will need to add a door in case of fire. Even if you don’t have to by law, this is a great way to make the space more comfortable. A door makes the room its own unit and will allow in a lot more light. Make sure that any basement doors (and windows) have alarms on them. These entryways are favorite ways for thieves to get in.

You need a bathroom

When you’re watching the final laps of a NASCAR race on TV, you don’t want to have to run upstairs to go to the bathroom. Installing a bathroom in the basement might seem like a hassle, but with a little creativity, it’s not too daunting. You don’t have to break through the concrete; you can simply elevate the bathroom floor and run pipes across to the sewer drain. You can even enclose the water pipes so that they look great.


Many basements have a basic drop ceiling, but you can get creative for a more distinctive, welcoming space. How about exposed wooden beams or a metal ceiling? Your ceiling doesn’t need to be simple white tiles. Look for ways to make the ceiling a talking point.

Store it here

In many cases, by finishing your basement, you are taking away the largest storage space in your home, so don't forget to put storage space in the basement. Under stairs and inside walls can be great storage locations.

Lots of power

Nothing is more frustrating that buying a new jukebox for the man-cave and having to run another extension cord to power it. Plan to put lots of outlets along the walls. An electrician can install new breakers and outlets so that you never have to struggle to power up in your new room.

The basement is one of the most under-appreciated and under-utilized places in the house. Take the time to remodel it right and you will have a new place where the whole family can hang out and have fun.