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Two Kitchen Ideas You Never Thought Of

Two Kitchen Ideas You Never Thought Of

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home, where your family and friends gather for food, fun, and quality time.  Your kitchen should be representation of your family life, yet still serve function and purpose most useful to you.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started and achieve the dream kitchen your family will enjoy for years to come.

Choose a Great Color for Your Kitchen

Most kitchens start off white or off-white, but this isn’t a commercial kitchen, it’s your home, and your kitchen should be warm and inviting. Choosing a bright color for the kitchen can seem like a huge step, and a difficult transition.  But with these simple steps, an accent kitchen can be easily achieved.

If your cabinets are brown, you may want to choose a lighter color, such as a light blue or even a bright yellow. With white cabinets, go for a richer color; Red, green, or even purple will look great.

One of the most popular colors in recent years for designers and homeowners is gray. With subtle shades and rich, darker colors, gray can be an outstanding accent to your modern or even traditional kitchen.

Here are some other design elements that you can try with your new paint color that can make it even more exciting.

Paint a lighter or darker complementary color onto the walls. The texture will make the room pop, especially when done professionally.

Use a piece of border wallpaper about six inches down from the ceiling. This design can add rich luxurious textures to customize any room.

Add some extra tile accents. It can be a tile backsplash just above the countertops or even up near the ceiling.

The Kitchen Island Paradise

While it’s true that most recognize a kitchen island as a rectangular table with a tile or granite top and cabinets underneath, the possibilities for an island are as limitless as your imagination.  Our design team can help you understand what’s possible, but are a few ideas to brainstorm with to help you envision the upgraded kitchen you’ve been looking for.

Oval or Ellipse – An oval shaped countertop on your island can give it a modern feel and give you more room. An oval, particularly in a dramatic color, can brighten the room and leave you lots of extra space to move around as you cook and entertain.

A T- or L-shape – It might be advantageous to create an island that is T- or L-shaped, but it’s highly functional to extend out of the kitchen as a countertop for eating. This type of counter gives you extra room, but can help separate the kitchen from other areas of the home.

A dining table – Very often, islands will have chairs around them, but building an actual table into yours can help to create necessary space. It doesn’t need to be a bar-height table; there is no reason you can’t add a table that is a normal table height. 

Outside the Box is More Fun

The key is to let your imagination go. Try speaking with interior designers or even looking online for ideas.  How about a counter that is a unique color of quartz? Or perhaps you have treasured china that you want displayed with custom glass cabinets?  The possibilities are endless; they are only controlled by the space you have and your imagination.  But remember, the best designs are the most useful ones.  And only you will know how your family will use the kitchen best.


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