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Things To Consider When Selecting Cabinets

Things To Consider When Selecting Cabinets

As you’re gathering your thoughts while upgrading your kitchen, there are a number of things you should consider before getting engaged with specific woods, colors, or options. Cabinets have unique features and price points for a reason, they are all different! Let us educate you on a few things to consider.

What color of cabinet do you prefer?

Dark natural, reddish-brown: Mahogany is the nicest and rarest. It comes in deep rich colors of red and reddish-brown.

Dark natural, reddish-brown: Cherry is gorgeous wood that starts light and will darken over time. Its uneven colors and deep heart make it wonderful from day one.

Dark natural, brown: Maple, oak, pine, and birch can all be stained dark. It is a bit of sin to stain maple and oak, because of the amazing natural grain of the wood. The least expensive option is pine and it can be stained any color.

Light natural: Oak has a wide-open grain and can be found in wonderful light colors.

Light natural: Maple has a tighter grain and a deep, warm heart. It is wonderful to look at for its grain complexity.

White or Painted Cabinets: A very popular choice, cabinets can be painted white or any other color for a unique and updated look.

Glazed Cabinets: A higher-end look, glazed cabinets provide a unique distressed coloring that accents the details of a cabinet door.

How much punishment will your cabinets take?

Sure, you like that beautiful and affordable cabinet, but is it's material ideal for your household? What is your sturdiness requirement?

Very sturdy: You will want a hardwood to stand up to kids and pets. Oak and maple are your best choices. They are hard and relatively inexpensive.

Moderately sturdy: Light abuse means you can likely use almost anything, except pine. Pine is very soft and will ding and crack easily.

Light sturdiness: Any of these woods will work: pine, oak, cherry, birch, maple, mahogany. Due to price, mahogany might be the best choice only in home that will have little abuse.

What style is your kitchen?

This one is a little tougher, but there are some basic style decisions you can make.

Large frame doors and drawers: This is more traditional style. It will work well in a traditional or an eclectic kitchen.

Frameless: These are cabinets where the doors and drawers have no frame. They are flat and uniform. This is perfect for a modern or ultra-modern kitchen.

Custom, semi-custom, or stock

Custom: If you have a unique space or would like a lot of features in your cabinets, you will likely need to have custom cabinets made. The most expensive option, this also virtually assures great quality and a perfect fit.

Semi-custom: This is a method to use some stock parts, but have a professional create some of the features and special pieces that you want.

Stock: If the space is pretty standard and you don’t need special features, stock cabinets can be a simple and inexpensive solution.


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