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The Property Manager's New Year Checklist

The Property Manager's New Year Checklist

Most business owners are focused on the goals of the business and inadvertently building maintenance falls to the wayside. But if you want to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs, property maintenance should be a top priority. By identifying areas that are wearing out and repairing or replacing it before it fails, you can help minimize downtime, extend the life of equipment, and avoid major expenses. We have years of experience in commercial building maintenance and repair so we’ve come up with the ideal checklist to help you keep on top of your building maintenance.

Exterior Property

A building is only as safe as the exterior that houses its occupants. Making sure that all exterior materials are safely intact can ensure less damage to the interior. To help determine if any structural elements need attention check these areas:

  • Inspect any walls for cracks that may need to be repaired
  • Look at the condition of the paint
  • Inspect air vents, plumbing pipes and fixtures, windows, doors, and frames
  • Flat roofs: check for signs of long term standing water such as mold growth and any wear or tear on surface protective coating
  • Slope roofs: check for any curling, loose, or torn shingles
  • Metal edge flashing: check for any loose flashing that could rip off during high winds

Interior Property

If the exterior property is in good condition, your interior condition most likely will be as well. However, in time, general wear and tear can impact the structure of the building. Furthermore, the interior property is most seen by employees and customers so ensuring there are no glaring issues is extremely important. Check these areas to see if any repairs need to be completed:

  • Check for signs of water damage on the ceiling or walls
  • Inspect kitchen and bathrooms for signs of mold
  • Look at the condition of the paint


Checking the plumbing once a year is a great idea. Simple tests can check if everything is working properly or if there are areas that need to be serviced or repaired. Try these simple assessments:

  • Check all water connections, pipes, and hoses to see if they are working properly
  • Check sinks, showers, tubs or water basins for cracks
  • Confirm hot water system and overflow is in working order
  • Inspect kitchen and bathroom drainage system for any issues


Electric faults are extremely dangerous. It is imperative that you are regularly inspecting, testing, servicing and repairing all electrical equipment to protect your employees and guests and it is your legal obligation to do so. At a minimum:

  • Inspect all outlets and electrical cords for wear, tear, or damage
  • Check all electrical test tags are up to date
  • Test power circuit breakers
  • Test all smoke alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide alarms are connected and in working order
  • You should also have fully stocked first aid kits on hand


This is one of the most common complaints among building occupants. Your heating and cooling units should be checked and cleaned regularly and this will ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. These simple steps can indicate if you have a deeper problem that needs servicing:

  • Check and replace air filters monthly
  • Remove dust and debris from the air intake and exhaust systems
  • Test all safety controls
  • Check all flexible duct connectors
  • Secure any loose guards or access panels
  • Unusual noises or excess vibration is a clear indication that it needs servicing

Some businesses such as healthcare facilities have unique requirements that may involve more comprehensive maintenance needs. If you’re ever in doubt, call LA Design + Construction for assistance with any of your building’s maintenance, repair, or replacement needs.

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