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The Home Checklist for Fall: Get it Done!

The Home Checklist for Fall: Get it Done!

To everything, there is a season, including home maintenance. Your largest investment needs to be cared for and each season brings its own chores and project. Fall is a great time for completing summer’s projects and prepare your home for the worst that winter can throw at it. Planning ahead and completing some of these maintenance projects before the snow falls will make your life much easier.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is the only thing between you and a lot of snow this winter. Before the weather takes a turn, make a point to inspect your roof. There are a number of things that you can do for yourself:

  • Look for water stains in the ceilings of your upper floor rooms
  • If your attic is unfinished, look for water stains on the decking of the roof
  • Check the attic for moldy insulation

If you discover a leak, you will probably need to call LA Design & Construction to come in to do the repairs. It can be difficult to replace a couple of shingles or tiles without ruining the integrity of the rest of the roof. Be sure to look for curled and cupping shingles and for the granules to be coming off. The granules are those little stones that coat your shingles. They protect the shingle from most weather-related damage.

Clean & Repair Your Gutters

One of the simplest ways to avoid a roof leak is to make sure that your gutters are cleaned out. With all of the leaves flying in the Fall, clogged gutters are simply a part of the season.

Cleaning your gutters is a simple process. You will need to get on a ladder or onto the roof and remove all of the leaves, branches and debris that has collected in them. Using a leaf blower can help, but if the material is wet, you might need to use your hands. Be sure to wear gloves as there can be sharp objects in the leaves and even furry critters. Don’t forget to check your downspouts. Place a garden hose at the top of your downspout and make sure that the water flows smoothly. Look for leaks at the seams of the pipes as well.

Repair Windy Windows and Doors

When the cold wind blows, it can suck the warmth and the money right out of your house. Before the wind kicks up, check for holes and leaks in your house, especially the windows and doors that can let the cold in and heat out.

On a windy day, look for air coming into the house. One of the best ways is to use a candle with an exposed flame or incense. If the wind is blowing in, you have a leak. If your windows are more than 10 years old, you might save a lot of money by having new windows installed. Now is a good time to bring in a window contractor and get a bid to replace your old windows with tightly sealed, energy-efficient windows.

Clean the patio

Before you pack everything up for the winter, clean everything off of your patio and look for cracks and gaps in the concrete or paving of your patio. Ice and snow can make these gaps much worse. By repairing them before the cold hits, you might be able to prevent winter’s moisture from creating a bigger repair in the spring.

Fall Clean-Up and Preparations for Winter

Taking the time to review the exterior of your house and look for ways that the outside elements try to get in, you can save yourself a lot of time and expense later. By making sure that your roof, windows, and the patio are in great shape, you will avoid the need for emergency repairs.

Do you see a few projects around your home that you would like to get done before Winter settles in? Give us a call at (973) 459-4494 or contact us online and have us come provide a quick estimate!


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