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Seamless Gutters, The Right Choice for Your Home.

Seamless Gutters, The Right Choice for Your Home.

The gutters on your home are one of those things that you rarely think about until they don’t work anymore. Leaky, cracked, or clogged gutters can cause water to pool on the roof, ice to build up on the roofline, and walls to rot. The very best solution is seamless gutters installed by a professional.

The Old Segment System

Traditionally, gutters were installed as short segments linked by a small piece of metal. These gutters were great for their time, but the seams would invariably split and allow water to seep through. The seams also created a tiny dam that would catch dirt, small sticks, and eventually leaves and more. These little dams would cause water to gather in the gutter and on the roof.

Most people don’t think about it, but one of the most dangerous parts of the segmented gutter system is the collection of ice underneath. In the winter, the sun will melt snow and ice. The water can drip onto porches and decks. It will freeze at night and when you walk out your door in the morning, BAM, you are on your bottom in a lot of pain.

The Seamless Gutter Difference

Seamless gutters, also called continuous gutters, are made from a single piece of metal down an entire side of a building. Because there are no seams along the length of the gutter, there is a decreased chance of leaks, dams, and pooling.
There are, of course, seams at the corners and where necessary, but the continuous length helps to avoid the weaknesses that sectional gutters suffer from.

Getting the Most from Your Gutters

Once you have your gutters installed, it is important to maintain them well. Clear leaves and branches out of them. This is especially important to do just before the snow flies. When spring comes, it might melt everything in a single day. You might have gutters full of leaves that won’t be able to handle the melting snow and water from the spring runoff.

Seamless gutters should be installed by a professional. Doing it while the weather is good will be much less expensive than waiting for snow or spring rains to hit. Simply plan ahead and you can avoid some very costly repairs, like replacing the ceiling in your living room or fixing a broken ankle from an ice patch.


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