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6 Top Kitchen Trends You Need to Know for 2019

6 Top Kitchen Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Just like every other fashion trend, there is a new tone and style each year for kitchens. Fortunately, recent years have seen a trend to great styles that will be nearly timeless. The trends that we are seeing in 2019 are no different.

1) Marry the kitchen to the rest of the house - We have all been in houses where the kitchen didn't make sense. A farmhouse with an ultra-modern kitchen or a new home with a Colonial kitchen can be disorienting and strange. The trend today is to make the kitchen match the rest of the house. Running the color scheme, styles and period of the rest of the home through the kitchen gives a continuity that feels right and looks great.

2) Go commercial grade - After decades of entire TV networks showing us how professionals cook and encouraging us to do the same, kitchens are getting a commercial facelift. Professional-grade ovens, stovetops, refrigerators and even range hoods are becoming normal. People want the advantages that commercial grade equipment offers: large capacity, ease of cleaning, multi-function, and versatility. This doesn't mean you necessarily need a dedicated brick pizza oven, but a great convection oven will do wonders for your food. Bonus: Higher demand has driven prices of commercial grade kitchen equipment down. Extra bonus: There is a huge market of used, but working, commercial kitchen equipment that can save you money and give you a huge step up in functionality.

3) Gray is the new white - Upgrading countertops from boring old white can be done for very little money. It is a simple renovation that can completely change the look and feel of the kitchen. You don't need to get Italian marble countertops to get a nice upgrade. Quality countertops in shades of gray can be had for not a lot of money. They add an understated sense of style.

4) Function is king - Unlike earlier periods in kitchen design, the key now is functionality. Useless cabinets, strangely placed islands and poor lighting are all giving way to thing you can use. This seems to follow the trend toward professional kitchens: design your kitchen for maximum usability.

5) Go with bold fixtures – The days of boring kitchen fixtures are over. From your faucet to your cabinet handles to your lighting fixtures, go bold. There are so many amazing and innovative styles that you are guaranteed to find one you like. The newest styles blend functionality and fashion in a way that really hasn’t been seen since the Art Deco period. When you renovate your kitchen, choose to add fixtures that increase the drama of the room.

6) Contrast Light and Dark – Light cabinets paired with dark countertops can provide a dramatic and distinctive style to your kitchen. This contrast will stand the test of time because the kitchen won’t suffer from a monochrome color scheme. Giant all white kitchens look great in magazines, but they are almost too bright in real life. An all dark kitchen can seem to suck the light right out the room. By contrasting light and dark, you will get a perfect blend of bright and dim. This will make it easy to light the room with everyone being blinded.

The trends for 2019 are both practical and dramatic. Choosing any one of these trends or all of them as a part of a kitchen make-over or complete renovation will update the space to a more modern style and make your kitchen the center of attention.