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5 Ways to Help Keep Water Out of Your Basement

5 Ways to Help Keep Water Out of Your Basement

Basements and house foundations are often susceptible to water leakage issues. Most basement water proofing solutions are implemented "after the fact". While a drainage system in your basement is great, it's not preventative. Read on to learn more about five effective ways to waterproof the area around your home and potentially prevent major damage!

Proper ground sloping

Proper ground sloping can greatly improve the conditions of your basement, preventing moisture and excessive humidity to cause damage, while causing water to drift away from the house.


Gutters are the key to an excellent drainage network, and without them, water will just fall off the roof, likely to end up pooling in the foundations of your home or in the basement. A great drainage system goes a long way.

Interior waterproofing

There are many other solutions to maximize your basement waterproofing. Anything from absorption panels, to removing plants and overgrowth that might cause water leakage through their roots. Many people also love to use waterproofing solutions, to apply directly to their basement walls.

Insulate pipes and walls

Water can leaks through pipes and walls that are not properly insulated. It is vital to make sure these features are indeed taken care of and free of damage.

Repair cracks

Cracks and gaps might render all of your insulation work completely useless. In addition to optimizing the insulation level in your home, don’t forget to spot for crack and repair them, if possible.

Install drainage system outside

As mentioned earlier, installing a drainage system is particularly important, because it will prevent water from pooling in unwanted areas and end up affecting your basement.


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