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5 Signs You Hired the WRONG Painting Company

5 Signs You Hired the WRONG Painting Company

As a homeowner, you have enough to worry about day in and day out to also tackle big jobs such as painting. Whether it’s a single room or your whole house, it is best to let a professional firm handle the task for you.

While you won’t be stuck with the labor yourself, unless you hire a quality painting company that really knows what they are doing, the result may leave you saying…”I wish I had done this myself!” No one wants visible paint drips, areas of paint that show surface issues, and an overall job that doesn’t look professional. Here are the top 5 signs you hired the WRONG painting company.

They didn’t bother to offer a color consult.

Ok, so you want to paint your walls blue, but…royal blue? Navy blue? Caribbean blue? There are MANY shades of every color and if the painting company you hire failed to consult with you properly before applying paint, there’s a huge chance you won’t be happy with the outcome. A professional company will take the time necessary to ensure that you absolutely LOVE the color before one drop is applied to your walls. Lighting, furniture, flooring, and neighboring room environments will impact colors, which you may not know if you aren’t a pro!

They didn’t PREP the walls.

THIS is probably the most important sign of a problem. Before you paint a surface, you must prep the area and that can include sanding smooth any abnormalities in the drywall, repairing any nail pops that have occurred over time, and filling in areas that may have been damaged. Failing to take the time in this step can result in a very unprofessional looking paint job.

They didn’t PRIME the walls.

Primer is a base coat that goes on the walls before your actual paint. This provides a surface that will coat any existing paint and allow the new paint that is applied to stick. Some less than professional companies skip this step and it will show when the paint soaks in and looks thin and the overall job looks awful. By the time you see this, they’re probably out the door and paid! Some modern paint types don’t require primer and depending on the color under the paint it may not be recommended, but most walls that have prep work should be primed.

They didn’t apply multiple coats.

Even when a surface is properly prepped and primed, you still should need at least 2 coats of paint. The walls can still be porous and soak up a lot of the color and do so more in some spots than others. This can result in some areas showing LOTS of the color paint that you chose while other areas look drab and dull. But by applying at least 2 coats, the entire job will look even and really highlight the color paint you chose for your new paint job.

They didn’t take the time to cover everything.

It takes some time, and if they’re in rush to get your job done, they may have not covered your furniture and flooring completely. This is a sure way to ruin something. Professional companies do not allow their employees to take risks with their client’s belongings, there are absolutely no exceptions.

While you may be in a hurry to hire a painting company to get the job done ASAP, you now know what a professional company should be doing. Make sure to take the time to hire a quality company that will NOT skip any of these important steps. Take a bit of extra time, ask the right questions, and your reward will be a quality paint job that you will enjoy for years to come.


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