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5 Reasons Why Every Family Needs a Mudroom in Their Home

5 Reasons Why Every Family Needs a Mudroom in Their Home

While not everyone is familiar with the term MUDROOM, most people have either had one in their homes or been in one in a friend’s home. A mudroom is a simple room that is between an entryway door and the rest of your home.

A mudroom, while tiny, can be a very valuable addition to any home and can serve a variety of purposes. Let’s take a quick look at 5 reasons why every family needs a mudroom:

Help keep your carpets and floors clean

Rather than just walking in the door and onto your main floors or carpets, having a mudroom acts as a perfect buffer to keep dirt and debris from hitting your main house. You can position several floor mats here to allow people to wipe their shoes, or better yet, include a spot in the mudroom where they can keep their shoes so absolutely NO outside dirt or debris gets into your home.

Helps organize your day

A mudroom is also a great place to keep all those things that may be necessary for your day. For instance, you can store shoes, backpacks, hats, gloves etc. This will allow you to keep your home organized and ensure that anything you need to tackle the outside is right where you left it.

A great place to put extra STUFF

In addition to the items mentioned above, mudrooms are great for extra storage, something that just about every home needs. Cleaning supplies, laundry baskets and more can be stored in your mudroom.

Mudrooms allow you to save on heating & AC costs

When your home has a mudroom, the rest of your home won’t lose as much hot or cool air as it would if you were opening an outside door into your main living space. Instead, any temperature differences are buffered by the mudroom, resulting in fewer temperature disruptions to the rest of the home. This means less expensive heating & cooling bills.

A great selling point and adds value to your home

Because of all the reasons cited above, having a mudroom in a home can increase the value and be a fantastic selling point if and when you do decide to sell your home.

While the size is tiny, the value it can add is tremendous. Now you know why every family needs a mudroom in their home! 


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