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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for Your Bathroom

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for Your Bathroom

Tile in your bathroom is amazingly versatile and beautiful. Consequently, it can be difficult to decide what kind of tiles to choose. Here are 10 tips that will help you select the best bathroom tiles for your upcoming renovation.

Color: In a smaller bathroom, a light-colored tile will make the room feel more spacious. Neutral colors also allow you to change your room’s accessories and fixtures at will. Alternatively, some colors, like rich reds and greens, add depth to your bathroom that is a bit unexpected.

Natural versus man-made: Natural stone tiles bring a bit of nature into the bathroom. Marble or granite or any of dozens of other stones will help give your bathroom a bold, natural feel. If you choose man-made tiles, you can get everything from standard white to hand-painted Italian tiles.

Texture: You won’t want your bathroom floor to be textureless. Opting for tiles that have a nice texture will allow you to walk around without slipping. Furthermore, if you use tiles on the bathroom walls, you can choose tiles that are slick and shiny. Mix colors and textures to add style to the room.

Style: There are many styles of tile that will allow you to create your own distinctive bathroom. From rustic to ultra-modern, tiles can express your own designs. You can use tiles to create anything from a Roman bath replica to an Art Deco masterpiece to a minimalist space.

Grout: Grout either can add color to your tiles or can be designed to blend in and disappear. If you are looking for an ultra-clean style, use a grout color that’s the same as the tile. A bold color grout against a lighter tile can help you create a design that is dramatic and distinctive.

Size: Deciding on the size of your tiles, from 16” x 16” for the floors to 1” x 1” for walls, is simply a matter of what styling you want to achieve. You can mix sizes for dramatic effect. A large tile offset by a smaller tile can create a gorgeous and intense design.

Hygiene: One of the most important factors in your tile choice should the ease with which you can clean it. If your tiles are not designed for a bathroom, they will be difficult to clean and can ultimately end up molding or rotting.

Glass tiles: Not all tiles are made from ceramics; some of the most dramatic and lovely tiles are made from glass. Textured, sand-blasted, or smooth, glass tiles are a classic and dramatic option. They are particularly perfect for the walls of a shower.

Mosaics: The art of mosaics hasn’t entirely faded. Today, there are significantly less scenes of gods conquering monsters, but multicolored tiles can be installed to add art to your bathroom. You can have an artist design an abstract shape or a lovely sunrise. No matter what you do, it can be amazing.

Main tiles to accent smaller tiles: You can use larger tiles to accent a design in smaller tiles. This can lend a visual texture to the room and break up a monotonous floor or wall. You can even mix materials to create an outstanding and distinctive space.

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