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10 Signs You Hired The Wrong Contractor

10 Signs You Hired The Wrong Contractor

When you first met with your contractor, he was friendly, polite, and professional.  He anticipated all of your needs and you were comfortable moving forward with the project. Now, after you’ve hired this company, paid the deposit, and work has begun, you’re having a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

Here is a list of warning signs indicating you hired the wrong contractor:

#1 He’s hostile
People can get mean when they are confronted. If your contractor has suddenly turned contentious, it may mean that he is hiding something.

#2 He has no license or insurance
You should have verified and asked for a copy of these documents before you wrote a check, but if you didn’t, get it now. If he delays or dances around the subject, he might not be licensed and you might be on the hook if there’s a problem.

#3 He doesn’t update or respond to you
Communication is vital, especially during a highly stressful time.  If your contractor can’t seem to communicate with you about what he’s doing, why, and when, you might have the wrong person. His job is to provide reassurance, not cause panic.

#4 A dream come true
If you find a contractor that is half the price of everyone else, there might be a reason. Be careful of deals that sound too good to be true; they always are.

#5 Angry workers and tradesmen
If more than one person has told you this contractor is bad news or that they don’t like working with him, it’s a good bet that there’s a reason. Professionals don’t usually air their laundry unless something is really wrong.

#6 Contractor is unprofessional
Littering, inappropriate language, or arguments on site are all warning signs. A real professional would treat your home with the utmost respect.

#7 Strange payment
If your contractor asks you to pay in some irregular way, it’s a good bet that he is doing something deceitful. Paying ⅓ cash, ⅓ check, and ⅓ by credit card shouldn’t be necessary. Payment should be simple and straightforward.

#8 “Trust me.”
This one is pretty obvious. If someone is saying, “Just trust me,” it’s a great bet that you can’t and shouldn’t. Don’t trust him. In fact, right after it’s said, dig deeper.

#9 M.I.A.
Your contractor doesn’t show up on a regular schedule. This can often mean that he is taking other contracts ahead of you. That’s not an issue if it was arranged that way and your job is still on schedule. If not, it might be time to have a talk.

#10 Breaking the rules
If a contractor tells you not to worry about needing permits, this is a huge red flag. You, as the homeowner or business owner, will be 100% liable for not following the law.

If you think that your contractor is not holding up the agreement established when you hired him, try to talk through the issue. If that doesn’t work, you might need to get a second opinion from another contractor on the work and begin getting out of your contract.

Sometimes, all people need is to be told that you’re disappointed and they’ll change their ways. In other cases, he may be mishandling your job. Either way, don’t let the feeling that something’s wrong fester. Handle it right away.


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